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Do you remember these sad old times some years ago when ringing of a mobile phone has only been single-tracked? Sounding more like the emergency room of a local hospital there has been no difference between the phone and arcade games of the early 80s, digital clocks of microwave ovens or watches with integrated scientific calculators. Fortunately, all these things are over now, and the same destiny happened to ringtones of the first generation too. Nowadays, polyphonic and realtone phones are dominating the entire market. While the polyphonic ones are at least able to play multi-tracked ringtones like it was in computer games of the early 90s, realtone ringtones do sound exactly as the music would be when it is played from your radio or your MP3 player. Growing memory capacity, improved performance of phone CPUs and more powerful phone batteries have been the ground where this development could grow on. As always, these good new times of phone sound have another side of the coin: while you once could enter your own melody - even without too high experiences in composing music - the only chance to get your favourite music on your phone today is to receive it through the telephone net of your phone providing company - with all disadvantages of high costs that occur for each single ringtone. As a user of this program you can now save this money easily! Just extract the melody from your original audio CD, from an MP3 file or take a microphone and record what you want directly - and Kling Klang Studio converts the ringtone for you. As often and for so many ringtones you like! Features: MP3, WAV and Ogg files can be imported for conversion to ringtones. * Extract your songs from audio CDs directly * Recording own audio files using a microphone or other sources * Possibility to download free music, noise and ringtones * Pre-listening feature * Area selection * WAV, WMA and MP3 files can be exported * Optional size limit * Transfer via infrared or bluetooth (if supported)

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